Why Executives Engage 4aBetterBusiness:

4aBetterBusiness is an implementation-based consultancy.  4aBetterBusiness develops immediate, enthusiastic buy-in, participation and contribution to change. 

Rather than write reports, we work side-by-side with management and employees, at every level, to identify, develop and implement flexible, scalable processes and technology to resolve underperformance, support and enable growth, and create value.

For over 25 years, 4aBetterBusiness has achieved successful outcomes with Privately Held, Founder-Led, Multiple-Generation, Private Equity Portfolio and Independently-Managed Units of Fortune 500 companies;  US and international, including multi-site operations.  Integrated operations to ensure success with mergers and acquisitions.

Do You Want Results Like These, Custom for Your Business?

Productivity and Profits

  • Increased EBITDA 30% in 6 mos, w/o firings or layoffs
  • Reduced cycle time 85% on engineer-to-order product
  • Raised on-time delivery from 50% to 96%+, while reducing inventory 22%

Growth and Valuation

  • Supported/enabled doubling sales and tripling EBITDA in 18 mos
  • Won first new business with Toyota
  • 75% increase in valuation in 18 mos, in sale to a Fortune 500 buyer

Digital Transformation

  • New ERP system installed in record time, on budget, no hiccups
  • Transformed all production & inventory from paper to scanned – in 3 weeks from concept to implementation
  • Major system upgrade – cutover to new system was completed in all production areas in 4 hours

Certifications & Baldrige

  • Developed value-added, process-based systems (ISO, IATF, AS, others) and achieved certification in as short as 4 months
  • Chief auditor (ex Navy nuclear sub commander) used system to train his auditors
  • State-level Baldrige-based award (1 of 8 state-wide in the prior 5 years)

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