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"Paul is as comfortable talking with upper management as he is with shop floor personnel. With his approach, he is able to help enact change while engaging the work force in a positive manner. He does not just advocate an approach for others to take but is actively engaged in the implementation.

I frankly have not worked with a consultant that is as hands on as Paul is. He not only would advocate a direction, and map out the activities but would step in as an active participant to implement the programs. Many consultants do the first, some can do the second, but I have not met another that is able to do the 3rd while gaining the trust and respect of those having to do the implementation."

- Jim Cottington, CEO, ICM Products

"4aBetterBusiness implemented with us a game-changing business system - fully supported by employees at every level - that has continued to pay dividends for our company. This system eliminated cost and complexity in every area of our business. I am delighted with everything we accomplished."

- Rich Zacaroli, VP and General Manager, Recon Optical

"We know our business, but working with 4aBetterBusiness developed in our people a new level of understanding - through action - of how to put customer focus into and take cost and effort out of our business. The superior execution capability we achieved has won new customers, and we doubled our volume in 18 months. We also pursued our first new business with Toyota, and achieved that within one year."

- Sander Szoke, General Manager, Venest

"We waited to start till things calmed down. If I had realized how easy this would be on our organization and how quickly we would see results, we would have started months earlier.

We are delighted with everything you have helped us accomplish - put goals once thought unachievable in our rear view mirror, made process-driven thinking and improvement the "way of doing business here", highest productivity ever, increased customer satisfaction, improved team dynamics... and ongoing returns that are multiples of our investment."

- Don Ortiz, General Manager, Promax Automotive

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