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October 7, 2009

Creating Value from Operations in Private Equity

Principles and practices differentiating 4aBetterBusiness for rapidly achieving improved results for your business:
Challenged to Meet PE Operating / Financial Objectives?

In a tougher financial market for Private Equity firms, you're likely seeing increased expectations for operating improvements. Results are expected quickly, without adding resources. If you succeed, company value increases and everybody benefits. If not, well...preventing that case is one reason I'm writing you today.

I could cite a lot of statistics on the short term and long term results achieved by our clients, but you'd probably rather hear from one of our clients in his own words.

Here is the background: The company is a Tier I / Tier automotive supplier, a unit of Magna International, a major global supplier to automotive OEMs. The company was profitable but had challenges in achieving the cost reductions expected by customers and the growth expectations for the company.

Sander Szoke, the General Manager, said:

We had been a good performing company, with some challenges and a need to raise our execution capability and systematically drive costs down. The process we followed with 4aBetterBusiness has provided us with benefits well beyond those envisioned at the start of the work. We did achieve our immediate goals. But we also started something with broader and more far-reaching impact. Here is the short story of how that happened:

Like other organizations, we had tried to make improvements but they never seemed to achieve lasting change. We started working with 4aBetterBusiness without a lot of fanfare: a 45 minute kickoff meeting with the management team. At this meeting, the custom approach that we would follow was explained and discussed.

While we know our business, this approach let us see immediately the full depth of all our processes and interactions. We made a commitment to fix our processes. We got immediate buy-in. We saw results quickly. At each step, we pushed the flywheel a little harder and increased our success. At the same time, people naturally aligned their actions and individual initiative with what was needed to meet our customer and business objectives.

The approach and experience of 4aBetterBusiness ensured employees bought in quickly. As 4aBetterBusiness personnel went through the plant, they were chased down by employees who wanted to share specific ideas and knowledge. Production foremen stopped by on their breaks (instead of going out for a smoke) to talk about improvements and implementation.

Through continuous application of the hands-on work we did with 4aBetterBusiness, we have further streamlined processes and developed superior execution capabilities that all the employees own. With the buy-in developed, we have continued to extend our lean implementation. Results
  • 30% increase in earnings within 6 months; tripled earnings in 18 months
  • Increased execution capabilities and lower costs enabled winning new customers
  • Pursued and achieved, within 1 year, our first business with performance-demanding Toyota
  • Tripled earnings in 18 months, without additions to management and support staff
The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) developed and published to the industry a case study on 4aBetterBusiness and the company.

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