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(4aBetterBusiness email) 7/6/2014

Challenged by Customer Price Reduction Demands?

Our client Sander faced the same challenge. He had long experience in his mid-market business, and experienced and talented employees. They had already made progress with their lean efforts, but not at the pace needed to increase profitability and growth in a more competitive environment.

The task was to not only meet the current demands for cost reduction, but also create an engagement-driven culture of innovation and execution improvement to position the company for the future.

4aBetterBusiness started with the end in mind - immediate employee engagement to drive daily improvement. This not only built on their experience and expertise, but also identified - in weeks, not months and years - new ways to improve productivity and profits and ensured employee ownership of the process and results.

The enthusiastic employee engagement developed included employees "chasing us down" as we worked hands-on in the facility, to share their additional insights about issues and opportunities in their work. Production supervisors, instead of going out for a smoke, would stop by to talk about changes and improvements.

Results included:

  • 30% increase in earnings within 6 months, without layoffs
  • Achievement within 12 months of the company's first business with Toyota, the world standard in lean
  • Flexible, scalable processes and new capabilities which supported and enabled 2X sales and 3X earnings within 18 months, without additions to management and support staff.
  • Development of "lean everywhere" thinking and action across all functions and levels, and a sustainable innovation and improvement culture
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