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(4aBetterBusiness Press Release) 5/15/2014

4aBetterBusiness President to Speak at Driving Business Innovation Conference

4aBetterBusiness, a leading consulting firm that cuts core costs, improves productivity and increases net profits immediately, today announced that President Paul Vragel has been selected to speak at the Driving Business Innovation-themed Building Business Capability Conference November 2-6, 2014 (http://www.buildingbusinesscapability.com/).

Presenting on the topic "Using Process Capability to Drive Strategy and Enter New Markets", Vragel will discuss development of employee engagement to cut core costs, improve productivity, increase profitability, drive profitable strategies and enter new markets - in months.

The 2014 "Building Business Capability" conference includes tracks on Business Strategy and Transformation, Team Excellence, Changing the Organization, Management of Business Analysis, Leadership and the Way Forward. Speakers include executives from Fortune 500 and privately held companies responsible for implementation of major change initiatives in their organizations as well as leading consultants providing insight and expertise.

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