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4aBetterBusiness Founder Paul Vragel Selected to Speak at Fabtech 2018

4aBetterBusiness, Inc. announces that Founder and President Paul Vragel has been selected to present at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Vragel will be moderating the November 6 session Innovative Techniques to Manage Significant Improvement and Change Initiatives, and speaking on the topic: "Change is RUNNING at You...Are You Ready for It?" <"View content">
Press Release, July 11, 2018

4aBetterBusiness founder to speak at Metal Treating Institute Regional Meetings March 20 (Gurnee, IL) and March 22 (Toronto)

Paul Vragel, President of 4aBetterBusiness, will speak on the topic "Change is RUNNING at you...Are you ready? Change is happening faster than ever in our history. Vragel will speak on overcoming low outcomes when it comes to change, outlining an innovative approach to change that leads to enthusiastic employee buy-in and contribution to change, enhanced profits and increased growth.<"View content">

4aBetterBusiness President Paul Vragel selected to speak at Fabtech 2017 in Chicago

4aBetterBusiness, Inc., a leading implementation-based performance improvement consultancy, announces that Paul Vragel, Founder and President of 4aBetterBusiness, Inc., has been selected to present at Fabtech 2017. Vragel will be moderating the November 6 session Achieving Supplier Success in Today’s Global Manufacturing Environment, and speaking on the topic: 5 Steps to Achieve What Customers Want: Everything, with no Problems. <"View content">
4aBetterBusiness Press Release, 9/21/2017

Consultant Scores with Different Approach, MBA Outreach

Paul Vragel has a different approach to consulting: He listens to employees who do the work at the businesses where Vragel has been brought in to solve a problem. That is an idea worth some thought. <"View content">
Daily Herald Article, 8/14/2017

Get Enthusiastic Engagement from Millennials - Immediate Buy-in to Change, Participation and Contribution

The Demographics
By 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be millennials. Employers are concerned about how to get millennials engaged in their work. <"View content">
(4aBetterBusiness email) Posted 8/8/2017

Manufacturing and the Internet of Things - Common Ground in Implementation

Paul Vragel, president, 4aBetterBusiness, says that a common understanding of process, when bringing generations together in manufacturing, is essential. He also talks about what to do and what not to do when it comes to effective technology implementation. <"Listen to Podcast">
(Connected World Podcast) Posted 8/1/2017

Private Equity Portfolio Co. Growth and Profitability: A Challenge Case Study Presented at University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Paul Vragel, President of 4aBetterBusiness, developed and is presenting, at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Weekend MBA program on July 22, a Challenge Case Study on growth and profitability in a private equity portfolio company. The case is based on an actual implementation led by 4aBetterBusiness. <"View content">
(4aBetterBusiness Press Release) Posted 7/8/2017

Challenged by Customer Price Reduction Demand?

Our client Sander faced the same challenge. He had long experience in his mid-market business, and experienced and talented employees. They had already made progress with their lean efforts, but not at the pace needed to increase profitability and growth in a more competitive environment. <"View content">
(4aBetterBusiness email) 7/6/2014

4aBetterBusiness President to Speak at Driving Business Innovation Conference

4aBetterBusiness today announced that President Paul Vragel has been selected to speak at the Driving Business Innovation-themed Building Business Capability Conference November 2-6, 2014 <"View content">
(4aBetterBusiness Press Release) 5/15/2014

Creating an Employee Engagement Culture

The improved business performance benefits resulting from employee engagement have been documented by many studies. Engaged employees go beyond what is required, find new ways to reduce costs or increase value, and are willing advocates for their companies. Despite widespread efforts to monitor and create engagement, however, studies show that 60-70% of employees remain not engaged or actively disengaged. What is going wrong? <"View content">
(By-lined Article by Paul Vragel in Ceramic Industry Magazine) October 2013

CEOs: "Lean" Progress Lagging?

The most frequent issues we hear from CEOs about their Lean / Operational Excellence implementations are slow progress, inability to sustain gains and lack of employee engagement.<"View content">
(4aBetterBusiness email) 12/13/2012

Challenged to Meet Private Equity Operating / Financial Objectives?

In a more competitive financial market for Private Equity firms, you're likely seeing increased expectations for operating improvements. Results are expected quickly, without adding resources. If you succeed, company value increases and everybody benefits. If not, well...preventing that case is one reason I'm writing you today.

I could cite a lot of statistics on the short term and long term results achieved by our clients, but you'd probably rather hear from one of our clients in his own words. <"View content">
(4aBetterBusiness email) 10/7/2009

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