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Paul Vragel, President, founded 4aBetterBusiness in 1989 on 2 core principles for achieving large-scale, sustainable results with clients:

* 90%+ of the issues in a company are embedded in the system (including processes, information, technology, culture...)
* Employees are the world's experts at knowing what they do every day - their local "system"

Paul developed the Tranformational Results through People+Processsm process for combining these insights, getting employee buy-in to change in a day and rapid process capture, analysis and improvement, working with all functions and levels of a company. 4aBetterBusiness has used this process to achieve transformational results in manufacturing, engineering, distribution, transportation and service industries, as indicated here for industries and here for outcomes.

4aBetterBusiness has a wide network of senior level executive and technical talent, which is drawn upon when needed to achieve the outcomes required for the company.

When appropriate Paul has taken on Interim COO responsibilities for companies, achieving transformational results not through taking the title but rather through influence, engagement and further developing management and employee capabilities.

Prior to founding 4aBetterBusiness, Paul was employed by Amoco Corporation. As a trained naval architect and marine engineer, he began work in the Marine Department, on ship design, construction and operation (large scale system engineering), managing ship construction projects in Spain. He worked in the marine area for about 10 years, spending 50% of his time overseas in Spain and throughout Europe and in Singapore and Japan. This is the foundation of the powerful approach to achieve large-scale change Paul implemented at Amoco, and the Transformational Results through Operationssm process Paul developed and implemented with clients of 4aBetterBusiness.

Paul also led critical market, financial and operational analysis of marine-related projects, including studies for fleet replacement, coal production and transportation, and oil production operations in the North Sea, Africa and China. (for example, Paul found a way to reduce capital expenditures by 85% vs.the plan (saving $65 MM) - with better operating results and higher profits.)

Paul was recruited into the IT Department to strengthen financial discipline in that area. For example, he implemented changes that reduced risk in equipment leasing, and lowered cycle time for completing equipment leases from 8 weeks with a person highly knowledgeable in finance, tax and legal areas, to overnight with a clerk. In his final position at Amoco, Paul was responsible for new technology evaluation for the computer group. In that position, he negotiated technology agreements with IBM and other large and small technology vendors. Within months, he developed a global computer application (pre-internet) that accelerated implementation of new technologies, with lower risk, at the time of the transition from mainframe to pc-based technology.

Paul has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a BSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute, is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a trained Lead Auditor to ISO 9001.

Paul is also a requested speaker on topics of transformational improvement, getting enthusiastic employee buy-in and contribution to change, achieving improvement-seeking cultures and related topics. He is a Guest Lecturer in the University of Michigan Weekend MBA program and at Webb Institute, is a regular speaker at the FABTECH Manufacturing Conference, and has spoken at numerous industry-specific and topic-specific conferences. Feature articles have been written about Paul and the 4aBetterBusiness approach in the Chicago-area Daily Herald, Adhesives & Sealants magazine, and by-lined articles have appeared Illinois Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Michigan, Manufacturer of Indiana, Ceramic Industry and other publications.

Transformational Results through People + Processsm

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Increase Profits and Growth
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