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4aBetterBusiness Believes That:

  • your employees are the world's experts at knowing what they do every day - their local systems

  • 90% of the issues in a company are embedded in how these local systems work and work together

Client Results:

    • Productivity and Profitability

      • Increased EBITDA 30% in 6 months without firings/layoffs
      • Raised on-time delivery perfromance from 50% to 96%+, while reducing inventory by 22%
      • Reduced cycle time 85% for complex, engineer-to-order product
      • Large-scale digital transformation, with successful cut-over to new IT system in 4 hours
    • Growth

      • Supported/enabled double sales, triple EBITA , 18 months
      • Won first new business with Toyota
      • Increased customer satisfaction 15% in 9 months
    • Valuation

      • Achieved 75% increase in valuation in 18 months

    • Engagement and Culture

      • Developed improvement-seeking cultures that attract and retain employees
      • Achieved a record number of Perfect Attendance Awards

    Transformational Results through People + Processsm

    Develop Immediate Enthusiastic Employee Buy-In and Contribution to Change
    Increase Profits and Growth
    Get Payback in Months

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