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Transformational Results through People + Operationssm

Develop Immediate Enthusiastic Employee Engagement
Increase Profits and Growth
Get Payback in Months

We believe 90 of the issues in a company are embedded in The System (processes, information/technology, culture) and that your employees are the world’s experts at knowing what they do every day.

4aBetterBusiness is an implementation-focused consultancy that works side-by-side with companies to develop and implement flexible, scalable, customer-focused processes, and supporting technology, to achieve growth, to resolve underperformance and to increase value.

4aBetterBusiness develops immediate, enthusiastic employee buy-in, participation and contribution to change, and collaboratively achieves transformational results with our clients, with payback in months.

Client Results:

Valuation | Growth | Profitability | Customer Satisfaction | Employee Engagement

  • Automotive – Tier I and Tier II supplier, unit of Fortune 500, with operating and quality challenges. 30% increase in EBITDA within 6 months, without layoffs. The company was able to double sales and triple earnings within 18 months, including achieving their first business with Toyota within 12 months.

  • Aerospace and Defense – 80 year old privately held company, deep technical expertise but limited by "siloed" operations. Within 18 months of the day 4aBetterBusiness started to work with them, the company was sold to Goodrich for a 75% increase in valuation.

  • Metals Processing – 40 year old privately held, founder-led and multi-generation company. Under threat from a Fortune 500 customer to take their business elsewhere, implemented process-based management, operating and quality systems in all 3 operating locations within 90 days. The company was sold to a public company for $450+ million.

  • Specialty Chemicals – 25 year old privately held, founder-led company, recently sold to private equity. Engaged to resolve a failed integration attempt that (by a large consulting company) that left the company at 50% on-time delivery. Raised delivery performance from 50% to 96%+ within a few months; reduced inventory by 22% with digital transformation of production, developed new product introduction system.

  • Value-Added Distribution – Japanese-held company, serving Japanese automakers in the US. Extreme customer dis-satisfaction. Developed organization-wide cultural change and achieved process-based management and thinking. The company saw a record number of Perfect Attendance awards. Customers said "best performance ever".

  • Engineering Services – privately-held company, integrated "silo-based" operations, reduced costs for core engineering service by more than 10% without reduction of quality.

  • Transformational Results through People + Operationssm

    Develop Immediate Enthusiastic Employee Buy-In and Contribution to Change
    Increase Profits and Growth
    Get Payback in Months

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