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Transformational Results through Operationssm
Get Payback in Months

4aBetterBusiness is an implementation-based consultancy that achieves with clients Transformational Results through Operationssm.

30-Day Collaborative Operations Transformationsm - Core principles:

  • 90%+ of the issues are embedded in the "system" - people, processes, equipment, materials, information, customers, suppliers, culture and more
  • Employees are the world's experts at knowing how their local "system" works
  • 30 days - typical time required with a mid-market business to work side-by-side with management and employees, company-wide across all functions and levels, and capture, document and assess the underlying, interconnected system, with improvement-as-we-work

Immediate Benefits

  • Develops immediate enthusiastic employee engagement, participation, contribution, their ownership of the results and capabilities for further improvement
  • Enables and incorporates customized process and system engineering, Operational Excellence actions and thinking, and accelerates innovation and change
  • Defines actionable improvement roadmap and enables rapid implementation
  • The solutions may develop directly from employees, or build on our knowledge from 25+ years developing solutions across industries and functional operations

Additional Phase II assistance if/as applicable

Client Results


  • Increased valuation 75% within 18 months in company sale to a Fortune 500 buyer


  • Implemented flexible / scalable processes that supported doubling of sales and tripling of profits in 18 months, without additions to management and support staff
  • Developed operating capabilities that opened new markets, increasing sales 20-200%
  • Developed Operational Excellence systems that achieved, within 1 year, first business with Toyota


  • Increased earnings 30% within 6 months, without layoffs or capital expenditure
  • Reduced working capital by $300,000 within 6 weeks
  • Raised on time delivery performance from 50% to 86% within 5 months; Phase II increased on-time delivery to 96%+ while reducing inventory by 22%
  • Reduced cycle time 85% for engineer-to-order products
  • Reduced product development and introduction time by months
  • Established effective supplier qualification, selection, monitoring and management system

Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

  • 15% increase in customer satisfaction within 9 months
  • Achieved record numbers of Perfect Attendance awards
  • Achieved value-added management system certifications, in months, without bureaucracy

Transformational Results through Operationssm

Develop Immediate Enthusiastic Employee Engagement, Contribution and Results Ownership
Improve Productivity, Cut Core Costs, Increase Profits and Growth
Get Payback in Months

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